The Maison du Notaire, notary's residence, is a remarkable building dating from the mid-19th century. It has been wonderfully preserved and transformed into a museum, to honour the memory of Hervé Rousseau, notary. When visiting, you can wander through the very rooms he used and discover how people lived during that era. The notary's residence has also, over the years, become an important crafts and art center. You can visit the art gallery, which offers painting exhibits of both local and regional artists' best works. Be sure to browse the handicrafts counters where it is possible to purchase the work of artists and artisans from the area.   

• Visit of the ancestral home
• The bedroom and family belongings display
• The notary's office
• The legend room
• The "Legends through children's eyes" outdoor display
• The display of hand-painted ostrich eggs
• The artisans' crafts shop (tablecloths, blankets, toys,
cards, and other little handmade treasures)
• The art gallery
• The local delicacies counter (honey, syrup, jams,
ketchups, breads and pickled products)
• A 20 minute film, made in 1961 by the National Film
Board, on the notary's life and times in Trois-Pistoles (french only)


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